As an ever growing problem with pollution and contamination, this is an industry striving to literally ‘clean up its act‘. We at Redditch Wheelie Clean, believe that the whole sector needs to take responsibility for the way we clean our bins, as education is key.

Are you aware that as a homeowner or tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the bin cleaning company you hire is properly insured and licensed to clean your bin? It is now considered an offence to wash the inside of a wheelie bin and dispose of the dirty, contaminated water on to the road, as it will seep into drains and ultimately pollute our rivers, lakes, and seas.

Unfortunately many operators are still cleaning this way and even if you clean your own bin, the dirty waste water should be disposed of down a ‘designated‘ drain.

Here at Redditch Wheelie Clean we have our specialised wheelie bin hygiene vehicle with an onboard filtration tank to collect all the dirty bin water. We have all policies and consent in place to dispose of the waste water and we are licensed by the Environment Agency.