Our Services

Once you become one of our valued customers, we will call round to put an identification sticker on your bin(s).

On your bin collection day, we will be at your property after your bin has been emptied then we will clean and return your bin.

The benefits of our fully biodegradable products are as follows:
– Cleanse and sanitise your wheelie bin.
– Removes grease and grime.
– Kills germs.
– Deters pests.
– Pet safe.
– Fully biodegradable.

With our service we clean your grey waste bin once every four weeks, and your green recycling bin once every four weeks. This amounts to 13 cleans of each bin per year. 

With more of us recycling, which is great news, I have noticed that our green recycling bins are becoming more contaminated and smelly too. Please see our payment tab for more details.