standing order

Here you can find our bank details for you to setup a standing order to take the hassle out of the payment process.

Standing Order Instructions:

This is a mandatory step to complete the setup to begin your sevices 
1) Either contact your bank or log in to your internet banking
2) Setup a payment/standing order to the following details

Account Name:
Redditch Wheelie Clean

Lloyds Bank (Business)

Sort Code:

Account Number:

First Line of address (Eg. 123 School Road)

Every four weeks (Not Monthly)

Setup Price (For one bin):

Setup Price (for two bins):

Once your first payment has been received, Our admin team will send you A confirmation email with the date of your first bin clean.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The £4.00 payment covers one waste bin (grey) to be cleansed once every four weeks.
  • The £8.00 payment covers both waste bin (grey) and recycling bin (green) to be cleansed once every four week
  • If you have any additional bins from the standard two bins, these could be added as an additional £4.00 per bin
  • Total of 13 cleans will take place per bin, per year.
  • If your circumstances change, such as moving house, this service can be transferable to the new address within the Redditch area, or a refund will be given on any outstanding cleans.
  • We will require four weeks written notice either by email/text for your change of circumstances.
  • If your bin is not completely empty upon our arrival (such as the collection has been missed, waste has been added after the collection has occurred, industrial action) we will be unable to clean your bin.